About Us

My name is Alina Springe. I am an observer - I capture and collect little images and vignettes from my forays into the natural world, carefully noting the scents and evoked feelings that accompany them; relishing the unusual and often curious beauty that can be found with a little patience.   

I have studied perfumery to be able to express my self through a beautiful world of scents. Smell is our most sensitive sense and the one most strongly linked to our memory and feelings. Scientists believe that our sense of smell triggers memory more than other senses because  memories that are triggered by our olfactory senses can be accompanied by clear images and feelings of happiness, excitement.                                                  

I love to immerse myself in the peaceful breath of a forest, or anywhere that reminds me that I am part of Nature herself; to feel  the wind in my hair; to watch the birds, or the rain, and to admire the gentle changing of the seasons - the one that I love the most, of course, being the Spring, when Winter's spell is broken.

Spring is something that we always try to keep in our hearts - a time when light and warmth return, love is in the air, butterflies begin to dance in our gardens, and if we are lucky, flutter in our tummies.  SPRING LIGHT captures a little of nature's  sparkling beauty in each carefully designed and hand-made candle, treating you to an experience of purity and freshness in a myriad of shapes, shades and scents.  

Not everyone is gifted with the art of eloquence - choosing the right words to convey our best thoughts and feelings can be difficult, so let  SPRING LIGHT carry your sentiments in the form of a unique and carefully designed candle - follow your heart to choose a messenger, and let each special element fulfil unspoken words, and add more joy to the pleasure of giving.

We are all about unconditional LOVE: love that doesn't seek glory; love that empowers and energises.  May your hearts be ever open and grateful as you follow your dreams!


Alina Springe