Fragrance Diffuser Refills

Fragrance Diffuser Refills

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13 beautiful fragrances for diffusers.  

Product Details

  • Premium quality essential and fragrance oils 
  • 200 ml plastic bottle
  • Fragrance lasts 3 - 4 months in a diffuser, depends on fragrance and usage
  • Dimensions: 4,5 cm (1,77") diameter x 15 cm (5,9") height
  • Weight: 200 g (7,05 oz)


  • Each Refill Bottle is packed in a cardboard box. 

Fragrance by your choice

  • Oriental Mood - Woody Spicy - soft and pleasant scent of exotic woods harmonizes with citruses and warm, bitter spices such as pepper, cloves and cinnamon.
  • Wildflower - Green Floral- green notes of grass and leaves introduce freshness and tartness in a floral composition, and leave an impression of freshly picked flowers.
  • Sandal Dream - Woody -warm, mysterious sandalwood, drier and sharper cedar and vetiver accompanied with aromatic and citrusy notes.
  • Velvet Touch - Woody Floral Musk - dominant wood in a heart of compositions has a beautiful opening with flowers such as violet, lily of the valley and freesia.
  • Mountain Air - Balmy, woody and herbal Clary Sage, powdery-sweet effect with intensive warm and gourmand character of Tonka Bean, Cedarwood and Musk.
  • Leather and Smoke - Rich and saturated leathery notes enhanced by sandalwood and ciste in a heart of composition; an elegant touch of vanilla and pachouli as bottom notes.
  • Amber - Bonfire deep in the Forest. Aromatic notes such as Clary Sage, Birch, Pine and Gaiacwood, Woods, Pachouli and Moss.
  • Rose Garden - Fantastic warm and woody scent, while at the same time being both floral and fruity. 
  • Forest -Fragrance has a fresh, citrus-aromatic start, composed of notes of lemon, basil and elegant touch af tarragon. Calming lavender and French sage in its heart. In the base, green leafs are supported by cedar and touche of patchouli.
  • Cashmere - Warm and soft fragrance. Combines jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk.
  • Peony - From sweet and rosy to citrusy and spicy. Fresh and uplifting. Sensual and evocative.
  • Sandal Wood - Warm, deep and woody scent.  Exotic, rich and distinctive soft. For calming and focusing the mind.
  • Jasmine - Incredibly sensual, rich and sweet. Exotic, intense and evocative. With its sweet scent, it is a fragrance favourite for centuries.


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